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welcome to mudd

mudd concrete inc. was established to reinvent the standard tired sink with contemporary basins that are both functional and oh so charming.

Our team of concrete artisans believe in creating designs that honour concrete’s natural material properties and its ability to take shape in delicate contours and clean edges. For us, it is truly in the details.

Our goal is to inspire creatives to think outside the box (or basin) and enjoy the process of selecting a sink that is strong, durable and functional but also timeless, luxurious and fun.

our colours

We’ve hand selected 15 unique colour options ranging from traditional neutrals to bold statements.

our products

say hello to your new sink

Our concrete is an exclusive mix derived from natural ingredients with high quality admixtures and colour pigments (and we’re proud of it).

Our material is tested and developed to be strong, durable and soft to the touch.

We celebrate concrete’s organic properties with variation in colour and surface texture to create products that are truly one of a kind. Each sink is made to order, minimizing unnecessary waste and creating a more custom process from start to finish.

our team

Anthony Vanee owner artisan and partner of mudd concrete

Anthony Vanee

Esther Vanee owner operations manager partner of mudd concrete

Esther Vanee

Kendall Crosbie headshot product manager of mudd concrete

Kendall Crosbie

Danielle Simpson head shot lead designer at mudd concrete

Danielle Hacioglu

coco Vanee guard dog and head of security of mudd concrete

Coco Vanee


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