Where is mudd concrete designed and made?

All mudd concrete products are designed and made in Canada.

How are mudd concrete sinks, basins and other products made?

Our products are handcrafted by trained artisans with locally sourced, natural materials to produce a high performance concrete with fibre reinforcement for structural integrity.

What is the concrete sealed with?

We apply a high performance sealer that reacts with our concrete to create a permanent bond (BFF's). The sealer is stain resistant, but not stain proof.

What can I expect from my concrete sink?

Your concrete sink is both functional and charming - a natural product that will take on a character of its own with variations in colour, patina and bug holes which should be celebrated and loved.

How durable is my concrete sink?

Concrete is a very durable material, however our hand-made sinks remain delicate and care should be taken to avoid chipping, scratching and staining by following our Care & Maintenance instructions.

How long after receiving my sink can I use it?

Once delivered your sink will have be recently sealed with a high performance concrete sealer. This sealer takes 2-3 weeks to cure completely, and we suggest minimizing the use of your sink during this time as it can darken with use while in the curing phase. This darkening may or may not fade over time.


How do samples differ from the final product?

Our concrete colour samples are unsealed. Final products are coated with a durable and protective finish.


How should I clean my concrete sink?

Your concrete sink can be cleaned using mild soap with warm water and a microfiber cloth. It is important to clean up oily or acidic substances left on the sink as soon as possible to avoid surface stains and discolouration. For extra protection, polish your sink with our muddwax polish on a regular basis.

What should I avoid when caring for my sink?

Do not use abrasives, cleaning/ bathroom chemicals and avoid scratching the surface, leaving oil based or acidic products on the sink, and leaving your sink full with water for extended periods of time.

Why do I have stains on my concrete sink?

Concrete is a natural material that is highly porous. This simply means that the surface is penetrable to other substances (not that the sink will leak!) You should expect that the sink will gain a patina over time with normal use.

Why do pinholes appear on the concrete surface?

Pinholes, surface holes or what are known as bug holes can appear on the surface of your sink over time. Pinholes on or just below the surface of your sink are voids that result from the migration of entrapped water or air as part of the casting & curing process. This does not affect the structural integrity of the concrete.

Can my sink be repaired?

Wear and tear such as scratches and discolouration are part of the natural aging process. Corner or edge chips may be able to be repaired. Please reach out to the mudd team for advice on how your sink may be repaired.

Do I need to reseal my sink?

Our concrete sinks are sealed with a high performance aqueous based sealer that may wear and tear over time. You can choose to embrace those natural properties, and not reseal the sink. If you do want to reseal the sink, we recommend every 5-7 years depending on your usage and you can use a water based polyurethane sealer from your hardware store to do so!


What warranty coverage does mudd concrete provide?

We offer a one (1) year structural warranty that covers the functional integrity of the concrete sink or piece, solely due to a fabrication defect. For more details please see our Warranty Guide.


How do I place an order for my concrete sink?

To place an order, please follow the online shopping process. Select the items you wish to order, which will be placed in the shopping cart. Follow the checkout process and fill in the required details before clicking "Place Order".

What methods of payment does mudd concrete accept?

We accept credit card payment via the "Stripe Checkout" service or payment can be made via the PayPal option.

Can I get a discount for my commercial or volume order?

Please reach out the the mudd team at 226-400-4101 or email hello@muddconcrete.com to inquire about available discounts for trades and volume orders.

How are international orders processed? (USA, UK, EU)

For international orders to USA, EU, and UK, weight based shipping will be applied to your order during checkout. All applicable import duties and taxes are responsibility of purchaser to be paid upon receipt, known as Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) shipping. Cost of goods at checkout will be in your applicable local currency based on your geolocation.

How are international orders processed? (Not including USA, UK, EU)

For international shipments, please select a courier company and shipping service during the checkout process. All applicable import duties and taxes are responsibility of purchaser to be paid upon receipt, known as Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) shipping. Cost of goods at checkout will be in Canadian Dollars.


How long does it take to make my concrete sink?

Our regular lead time for manufacture is 3-4 weeks on all orders. large volume orders may take longer. Please reach out to our mudd team should you require a speedy turnaround.


How long does it take to ship my order if I live in Canada?

For Canadian destinations we offer ground shipping free of charge (for our fellow Canadians only) which can range from 2 - 7 business days for delivery.

How long does it take to ship my order if I live outside of Canada?

For international destinations, available shipping options and lead times are shown at checkout. We offer a DDP - Delivered Duty Paid service, which means you'll know the total shipping cost including import fees & taxes, and pay all cross-border costs upfront for your international destination (no surprises!) Should you wish to use your own shipping methods, outside of what is offered at checkout on the website, please contact the mudd team directly for assistance.

How will my order be transported?

Each sink is carefully protected and wrapped, packaged into a box, and shipped either ground within Canada, or via your chosen carrier & shipping service selected at checkout. For larger orders or shipments, we advise contacting our mudd team directly to arrange a suitable shipping method such as via pallet or crate.


How should my concrete sink be installed?

Your sink should be carefully handled to avoid damage, and fixed onto the countertop with 100% silicone caulking suitable for wet environments. The drain hardware fixture should be hand tightened without excessive pressure to the concrete. For further details, please follow our Installation Guide.

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