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Our Story

Preserving the link between design and manufacture—our sinks are born from concept through to ideation, and 100% locally made within our workshop walls in Ontario, Canada. Our countryside studio is where craft, experimentation and artistic expression collide to reinvent the ordinary.


The Material

The material is at the heart of our design. Concrete is our speciality and passion—our leading source of inspiration.

It's versatility gives us a starting point to design, explore and play. Flowing from a liquid to a solid, the material is both poetic and matter-of-fact. We believe in the ability to define its bounds without interrupting it’s naturally occurring, organic properties.

Our concrete is an exclusive mix derived from natural, local ingredients with high-quality admixtures and pigments. The result is a comprehensive mix design library that remains true to the material's stone-like nature.

The Founders

Founded in 2020, Mudd Concrete was dreamt out of the desire to explore and create.

Having previously owned a successful custom concrete business, husband & wife co-founders naturally connected with young creatives from unique backgrounds. Inspired by each other's skillsets, the four members began their journey to create original concrete sink designs.

Each design represents the careful study of simple and thoughtful forms, backed by a strong understanding and appreciation for the material. With over 15 years of experience working with high-performance concrete, the founders of Mudd have dedicated their work to developing timeless, contemporary designs with superior craft.

image_full_width team photo with four members (left to right: Anton Vanee, Esther Vanee, Kendall Crosbie and Danielle Hacioglu) standing within the bowl collection set build in a well lit photography studio

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