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Introducing bōl

July 7, 2023


Bōl, Mudd Concrete’s latest collection comprises a range of concrete washbasins inspired by artisan origins, processes and memories. 

While concrete conveys strength in character, the collection introduces gentle, curved forms to express a more spiritual beauty. In this way, the material’s industrial heritage takes on a new “softer” identity.

Originating with the model Rove, described as a once-perfected humble bowl, a series of five models are derived, morphing into unique forms.

The collection further experiments with casting concrete in more tactile textures as an homage to the company’s personal, artisan beginnings. Each sink presents unique impressions of a cementitious blend, hand-trowelled across the surface by co-founder and master artisan Anton Vanee. Both the process and the result represent artistic expression in its purest form.

mudd-sink-bowl-bol-rove-pumice-cream-white-grey-natural mudd-sink-bowl-bol-rove-pumice-side-mobile

Evoking the archetype of a humble bowl, Rove masters continuous and uninterrupted curvature to achieve a simplistic and familiar beauty. The scale and motion of human hands guide its proportions to create a comfortable and potentially nostalgic appearance.

mudd-sink-bowl-bol-cerro-lava-purple-black mudd-sink-bowl-bol-cerro-lava-side-mobile

A modern interpretation of the oval, Cerro’s shape is inspired by the outcome of applied force in single, opposing directions. With careful manipulation, the humble bowl lengthens and extends into space. Its proportions are scaled across one axis to provide generous sink coverage in the left and right directions.

mudd-sink-bowl-bol-turo-dune-tan-brown-natural mudd-sink-bowl-bol-turo-dune-side-mobile

A modern interpretation of the oval, Turo’s shape is inspired by the outcome of applied force in single, opposing directions. Its proportions are designed to accommodate the demands of small spaces without sacrificing functionality. A versatile, petite width and small footprint are distinctive features ideal for small-scale environments.

mudd-sink-bowl-bol-lomas-cliff-grey-natural mudd-sink-bowl-bol-lomas-cliff-side

Maintaining its round shape, Lomas gains a wide footprint and shallow height when pressure is applied to the humble bowl in a downward direction. Its proportions provide a distinctive, open volume offering unobstructed views of drain hardware and other supporting elements. Spanning outward, its large diameter is designed to contain all water flow when paired with a low-flow fixture.

mudd-sink-bowl-bol-oto-clay-terracotta-red-natural mudd-sink-bowl-bol-oto-clay-side-mobile

Tall relative to its diameter, Ot0 is potlike in nature with its deep vessel appearance: a sibling to the humble bowl. While its silhouette implies depth, its interior is elevated to create a more shallow and perceivable inside profile. Paired with a lower-profile vanity, Oto’s tall design boasts a unique and contemporary vessel installation.